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The University of Chicago Innovation Fund invests in proof-of-concept and early business development work for UChicago technology-based startups.


Plug in, collaborate, grow, learn and transform your idea into a business in our meeting rooms, workspaces, and labs.


Connect with a network of innovators, speakers, experts, and mentors through programs and events designed to help you succeed.


Build a model or prototype of your product in our cutting-edge Fab Lab when it opens in 2015.


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2/3/16  Outside Media

Moneythink, a financial literacy company, first launched in Hyde Park out of a University of Chicago dorm room.

Now seven years later, they're returning as a to Hyde Park to further grow at the Chicago Innovation Exchange.

2/4/16  Blog Post

Working at the Chicago Innovation Exchange, we have the pleasure of meeting some of the most inspiring, passionate, and dedicated entrepreneurs. They are what makes our space so special, and why we wanted to create a member spotlight series that allowed them to tell their story. The first member in our series is Carlos Frederico Rosenwald, founder of Story Street Labs. He truly is one of the most passionate and hard-working people you will ever meet and was the perfect person to kick off our members series with the questions below.

1/20/16  Announcement

Tonight, the Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE) and the University of Chicago’s Office of Civic Engagement, along with their partner, Sunshine Enterprises, and City of Chicago Treasurer Kurt Summers, will come together to celebrate the Grand Opening of Greenline Coffee’s second location – inside the CIE’s main co-working space at 1452 E 53rd in Hyde Park. The new location will provide coffee and snacks to the CIE’s more than 1,500 members and offer workforce training and access to CIE benefits to Greenline employees.

1/14/16  Announcement

The University of Chicago’s Innovation Fund announced plans to invest more than half a million dollars in three ventures working to improve healthcare and agriculture through innovation. With these latest investments, the Innovation Fund will have infused more than $3.6 million in 38 ventures with high potential for societal and commercial impact.