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8/4/15  Outside Media

A key aspect to University of Chicago's Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE) is a six month incubator that develops student and south side community ventures. This month, five new companies are set to join 12 other startups developing in the Hyde Park incubator, including a predictive marketing company, a local improv troupe, and an automated speech coach.

7/31/15  Announcement

This summer, five new companies are joining the roster of impressive start-ups calling the

7/28/15  Outside Media

Dubbed the "Array of Things," the collaboration between the university's Computation Institute, Argonne and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago was designed to create a permanent infrastructure of data collection posts in the city to observe conditions like air quality, hyperlocal weather conditions and pedestrian traffic.

7/28/15  Outside Media

Asthma rates on the south side of Chicago are some of the highest in the city, researchers have found. But what's the cause? It's a question that could soon be answered in part through installing cereal box-sized smart nodes that can measure air quality to determine sources of pollution.